caring action for children
helping abandoned children in Mexico since 1966
with support from the USA, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
Our Two-Fold Mission
We at Caring Action support several Children's Homes in Mexico, where we are continually working on new projects and renovations to enhance the children's lives.
We have two main goals:
  1. To respond to the needs of children and youth in Mexico by providing food, housing, clothing, education, and spiritual guidance.
  2. To assist concerned Mexicans in taking full responsibility for property and operations of the Children's Homes.
Children and youth from our Children's Homes
The Homes back to top
The Mama Paulita Children's Home
This was the first Home built by Caring Action. Located near the city of Mante, Tamps, it can house up to 60 children. Check out their website,, for lots of great pictures!
The La Familia Children's Home
This Home is in Palmarito, Puebla. It has a capacity of 40 children.
The Shelter for Mothers and Babies
Built by Caring Action in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, this Home cares for almost 45 infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and youngsters.
The Cinco Banderas Home for Male Youth
The Mano Home for Female Youth
These Homes were purchased and modified in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. They provide a place for the older children to further their education or learn a trade. We support over 25 young men and women as they study.
The Home for Indigenous Students
This Home is located in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. It houses 20 male and female students who come from isolated locations with no schools.
Children and youth from our Children's Homes
Other Programs back to top
Outreach Missions
We help Mexicans with programs to aid children from poor families as well.
Student Programs
Another mission is to assist older students, living at home, that cannot afford school expenses.
Children and youth from our Children's Homes
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